Dog-Friendly Cabins – Doggie Heaven at the Base of Mt Rainier

Getting out of the city is such an important part of my pack’s life; to “unplug” and unwind.  We lead busy professional lives and it can be hard to quiet and slow down while still in the city.  Washington is such a beautiful state, but finding a place to go where we can bring all three of our dogs, and not feel like we need to tiptoe around, is challenging.

Fortunately, we found Rainbow’s End at Mt Rainier dog-friendly cabins, located in Ashford, WA, at the edge of Mt Rainier National Park.  The private cabins are equipped with luxuries for both humans and their four-legged family members including: large fully-fenced, wooded backyard with plenty of space for the dogs to romp around – and a hot tub, deck, fire pit and grill for us humans to enjoy.  The cabins are fully furnished and are only a two-hour drive from Seattle.

Rainbow’s End at Mt Rainier cabins are equipped with wireless internet, but cell reception is non-existent for most carriers, which is a welcome feature and important part of our ‘unplugging’ experience.

The area surrounding Mt Rainier National Park is laced with hiking trails that you can bring your dog on, since dogs are not allowed on trails within the borders of the National Park.  Mt Tahoma is just across the way from the big mountain, and there are plenty of resources in Ashford to direct you to the dog-friendly trailheads and attractions.

Upon entering your Rainbow’s End cabin, you’ll see dog beds on the floor with complimentary biscuits on them, the dog version of the chocolate mint you would find on your hotel pillow.  The video library is stocked with plenty of dog-themed movies like “My Dog Skip” and “Must Love Dogs”, as well as a plethora of other titles you probably haven’t seen in years, like “Starman” and “Willow”.

Poop bags and food bowls are provided and this is a respite that we feel our dogs are welcome in, not just tolerated.  When we come back to the city we all feel calm, connected, refreshed and ready to plug back in to our work with dogs, professionally.

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