Initial private session

A Personal Clinic for You and Your Dog

New clients, both in-person and virtual, start with a two-hour initial session. If in-person, then we’ll meet at our training studio located in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. Our initial session is targeted and thorough. In some cases, it is all that is needed, for our clients to gain the tools, to reach their goals!

Here, we will demystify your dog’s behavior, and you will learn how you can interact with your dog in a constructive way. You will leave with a deeper connection, and feel clear about what your dog needs, to be the best version of him/herself that he/she can be. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of your dog as an individual, leading to an improved quality of life, for you both.

In-Person Training Options

Single sessions, mini-intensive, and intensive programs are available; after your initial session. All services are private. We do not offer group classes.

Virtual Training Options

We offer virtual training and behavior sessions for folks who are not in our area, and/or who would prefer to work with us from the comfort of their home environment. We are set up with Zoom, and FaceTime, for video meetings. We’ve conducted virtual sessions for over a decade, with people all over the world, and we’re able to accomplish a lot, in this format!

Single Focus – Leash Walking

Challenging behavior on-leash is the most common reason that people reach out to us. This mini-intensive is designed for dogs who are reactive on-leash, do not need one of our longer intensive programs, but need support beyond the initial session.

If your Leash goals aren't met in our initial session:

Then our Single Focus Leash Walking program may be a great fit for you and your dog!

intensive programs

Resolving the Most Challenging Behaviors

Dog behavior can be complex, and multi-faceted. Intensive Programs are a powerful structure of support, to help the most challenged dogs learn to control their impulses; and become safer, more manageable members of society.

You will be present for all of the working sessions with your dog. As we move through the weeks, we will uncover the layers of what makes your dog “tick”, while also teaching you about your dog’s learning style, genetics, and personality.

You and your dog will experience joy, connection, and relief; as you gain freedom from the behaviors that neither of you had been able to control. Our Intensive Programs are designed to help dogs with behaviors including: reactivity, aggression and anxiety.

Our Intensive Programs are also a great fit for you, if want a more sophisticated level of training and communication with your dog.

We are happy to discuss which of our programs is the best fit for you, toward the end of our initial session.

Once we’ve had the opportunity to meet with you and your dog, we will all be clear about what makes the most sense for you, moving forward.

Board and Train

We have found that when dogs and their humans experience intensive programs together, the results reach much deeper, and set everyone up for greater long-term success. We are able to help even the most challenging dogs, in the context of one of our intensive, private training programs.

We’re happy to discuss all program options with you, toward the end of our initial session.

We do not currently offer board and train, as a general service option.

Board and Train

What we’ve learned:

People come to us thinking that their dog’s behavior is so challenging, that they must need something like “board and train” to resolve it. The board and train structure has historically been the most widely offered option for behavior modification.

Over the years, we have offered board and train programs to work with dogs with behavioral challenges, and had good results. However, there was an inevitable regression that would happen when it was time to bring the human(s) into the equation. Not only was the dog not used to learning with their humans present, but also the humans missed out on witnessing their dog’s learning process!

When you and your dog experience a training program together, the results are usually better, longer lasting, and will likely enhance every relationship you have with any dog moving forward.

We are constantly striving to be as effective as we possibly can. Board and train may not be the best answer for you and your dog. …And if we feel it is – we’ll tell you!


Our training studio and practice are part of our urban farm in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. We are an easy drive from I-5 and I-90, and just a few blocks west of Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Street address: 3006 S Brandon St, Seattle, WA 98108.



Our training studio and practice are part of our urban farm in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. We are an easy drive from I-5 and I-90, and just a few blocks west of Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.


“Julie is a phenomenal dog trainer and overall boss lady. I signed up for the 6 week course,  being a first time dog owner I had no idea what I was doing. Julie helped me feel confident each session and really catered to the needs of my puppy. Everyday I’m able to implement what we’ve  learned.”