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Our approach to behavioral wellness is dynamic, integrative, calm, refreshing, soulful, intuitive, and effective. Our working style is fun, respectful, and sensitive to each individual human and dog. We know that clear boundaries and appropriate expectations, built on a foundation of self-awareness, love and trust, will help you and your dog thrive in your life together.

Our Training Services


Holistic Dog Behaviorists.

Balanced Trainers.

Compassionate Guides.

It is our intention that your work with us will enhance every relationship you have with any dog moving forward. All relationships require nurturing – your relationship with your dog is no exception. We have been living with dogs for thousands of years yet in some ways they remain a mystery to us. Together we’ll explore this ancient and soul-stirring connection.

Meet Julie & Darcie

A Holistic Approach and Grounded Guidance

Our holistic approach to working with dogs and their humans can illuminate and stabilize some of the most challenging and puzzling manifestations of behavior. We specialize in helping dogs with challenges such as:

  • reactivity
  • anxiety
  • controlling attention
  • puppy fundamentals
  • leash walking
  • listening & communication
  • training skills
  • past traumas
  • compulsive behaviors
  • phobias

Mind | Body | Spirit

Thoughtful Guidance for You and Your Dog

We are passionate about working with dogs of all ages, from puppyhood to old dogs, to enhance your quality of life together through connection, conscious awareness, and understanding. While we are most known for our work with complex behavior cases, your reason for seeking our guidance does not have to be rooted in difficulty.  Learning from our dogs does not always have to be initiated through struggle.

Training & Behavior

A comprehensive and personalized learning experience for dogs of any age, and their humans starting with our initial session.

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Consulting For

Sensitive Dog offers consulting services for veterinary and dog behavior professionals around ways to increase personal well-being in this often emotional and heartfelt work.

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The Dog Show

Enjoy a wealth of conversations between Julie Forbes and: national dog experts, canine scientists, authors, healers, non-profit organizations, grieving dog parents, and so much more.

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Puppyhood with Julie Forbes

A Complete Video Guide for Raising Your Puppy. This two-hour video series will lead you through the critically important puppy-raising fundamentals to give you greater joy and less stress.

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Puppyhood with Julie Forbes

A Complete Video Guide for Raising Your Puppy

These videos will lead you through critically important puppy-raising fundamentals. This video series is comprised of the following eight sections:
  • House Training
  • Crate Training
  • Chewing & Mouthing
  • Socialization
  • Feeding
  • Leash Training
  • Basic Skills
  • Puppies and Kids

Read The Success Stories


We had taken our cattle dog/chessie mix Riley to another trainer and she had success in some areas, but I quickly realized they weren't taken into account her sensitivity and feelings, as well as not addressing the root of her reactivity. We took her to Julie this week and within the 2.5 hour consultation, we learned SO much about why she reacts the way she does and how she feels in different situations. Since then, we are confident that we can support Riley and work with her in a way that makes sense to her. She had already improved so much within the one session, and each day I work with her she is improving even more! Even more importantly, I feel excited to work with her each day and implement her new training because she is enjoying it and I don't sense ANY anxiety from her about it. We were able to walk by another dog today with minimal reactivity and our walks are becoming such a positive experience. I HIGHLY recommend Julie and firmly believe what we learned from just that one session was worth every penny, and we plan to go back for more.

Melinda B.

Our canine companions are integral members of our family, and I cannot say enough positive things about my multiple experiences with Sensitive Dog.
Over the years, our family have worked with both Julie and Darcie, with our three VERY different dogs (a calm Australian Labradoodle, a extremely intense Border Collie/Lab/Aussie mix, and our very chill Great Pyrenees/Siberian Husky), who had completely different training needs. Each session with Sensitive Dog completely exceeded my expectations. And frankly, I'm not that easy to impress.
In session, whether in-person or over the phone (we've done both), Julie and Darcie take the time to really get to know you, your dog, and how you interact. Their intake paperwork is incredibly thorough, so you don't waste time during your initial session. Sensitive Dog's strategies and suggestions are shaped by a combination of their vast knowledge of canine behavior, their multiple decades of training, and their evident love and respect for dogs. I have left each interaction with all of my questions answered, paper copies of everything discussed so new behaviors can be easily replicated, and guidance that I didn't know I needed.


It's been about a year and a half since we took our pup to train with Darci and Julie, and I still get amazed. We were desperate when we took our girl to Sensitive Dog, she thought "come" meant a game of "catch me if you can", there were times she would throw herself on the floor in a full blown tantrum complete with high pitched wails, if she didn't want to do something, it was really embarrassing and hard to deal with, but mostly during typical training exercises, like "down" and such, she would show signs of aggression and growl and make to bite me by putting her mouth on my hand, it scared me. Since being trained by Darci and Julie she is like a different dog, recently she had an ear infection and it just amazed me how she handled it, even though she didn't really like it, she would sit while my husband put an arm around her (impossible before) and I put the drops in, no growling, no resistance, no biting. She is so sweet now, and always, always comes when called. Darcie and Julie at Sensitive Dog really turned her around, from a dog that could have become a frustrating handful, to a loving, spunky, well behaved pup and we are grateful everyday that we made the choice to seek their help, it was well worth it, now the time we have to spend with our girl will not be an exhausting challenge everyday, but a fun adventure we look forward to.


Julie worked wonders for my one year old Malinois. I'd worked with three dog trainers before my vet referred me to sensitive dog and I really was not optimistic that Biscuit would ever be any different. After just the first session I saw a huge improvement in her behavior and knew exactly what to do in the tough situations. They understand dogs really well and focus on the specific issues that impact your life with your dog. I feel like I know how to communicate with my dog now. Absolutely recommend!!


Julie and Darcie were a godsend for us. I can't imagine what we would have done without their professionalism, sensitivity, and expertise--all of which served our family (including our sweet puppy, Romeo) so well. Darcie is an aggressive dog specialist and was so poised, compassionate, and skillful with our dog, and was able to train his humans (us!) to handle him similarly. At every step of the way, Sensitive Dog was our ally--Julie and Darcie truly went out of their way for us at every step of the process. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

My life is a tribute to dogs, for they have been my friends, my teachers, and my guides. Working with dogs is soul work. I will always follow dogs, no matter how dark or treacherous the terrain, because they have only ever taken me to the light.

— Darcie Boltz