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With Julie Forbes


A Complete Video Guide for Raising Your Puppy Six Months & Younger

This two-hour video series will lead you through the critically important puppy-raising fundamentals; to give you greater joy and less stress. Like my private sessions, Puppyhood with Julie Forbes is a combination of discussion and demonstration. When you watch this series, my hope is that you feel as though Julie is in the room with you.

The eight sections in this video series are:

  • House Training
  • Crate Training
  • Chewing and Mouthing
  • Socialization
  • Feeding
  • Leash Training
  • Basic Skills
  • Puppies and Kids

At first I was sure I wanted an in-person session with Sensitive Dog, but that wasn't an option in pandemic times. After watching the Puppyhood video series, I was very glad we'd started there. The videos are simple and clear and short -- which means we can watch them as a family, which means raising our puppy isn't all on me. The tips are easy to practice right away. And easy to watch again later (seeing where we're already slipping up).
I obsessively research everything, so I had read a book on raising puppies, but it was too much information at once. In the videos you get to hear the tone of voice Julie uses for correction, watch her body language, see how a pen is set up. I'd also watched hours of more advanced training videos: useful but complicated, too long to review again for a refresher, and way too much for my husband and daughter. The Puppyhood course turned out to be just what we needed.
I did have some specific questions (transitioning our pup from potty pads to the back yard, excessive whining if I wasn't around), so we added a phone call. Julie's advice was spot on. Thanks to Sensitive Dog for setting us up for success with our new pup!

Tracy C.